Wednesday, February 23, 2011

company thinks picture of board room is unique job selling point

this is a special posting - though certainly not due to the resolutely non-committal job title
Marketing Specialist

also, cliches, bad grammar, run-on sentences and subject / verb disagreements are wearyingly common (too many to highlight, below. just read it outloud and see if that sounds like any actual english-speaking person speaking actual english).
We are looking for a TALENTED and HARDWORKING individual responsible in the developing and evaluation of effective lead measurements and produce metrics for return on marketing projects analyses and data collection. Our trainee will assist in our 360 lead funnel solution. Serious compensation. base salaries, bonuses, commissions, overrides, closing commissions. Growth compensation.(i get paid to get fat?)

but no, no the true beauty in this posting is the picture - the picture of the boardroom with the portrait of a dude.

i can tell you, this is a place i fucking want to work.

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