Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Water cooler supervisor few hours/week

Date: 2011-02-25, 11:48PM CST
Reply to:

Water cooler supervisor few hours/week.  For only few hours weekly we are offering a one time opportunity.

whoah whoa whoa, wtf???? 

ok, let's try and parse this fucking thing, shall we?

  • why do water coolers require supervision?
  • why do water coolers require supervision only a few hours every week?
  • if (as the legend has it) employees assemble around water coolers, who is supervising whom?
  • if employees do indeed congregate, why can't they do the water cooler supervising?
  • are you offering this opportunity for only a few hours?
  • are you offering an opportunity that only requires a few hours?
  • how can you be offering a 'one time only opportunity' every week?

this is just so complicated we think we will pass on the job offer.  also, it's fucking water cooler supervision...

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