Wednesday, October 10, 2012

still more bitter

well mes pauvres, it has been too long and i owe you an explanation.

you see i had a job:  one golden shining moment (well, six months) of private sector employment.  i was happy.  things were looking up.  regular pay for regular work was beginning to seem a habit.  it was my field and i was good.

clearly, this could not stand.  the world does not have enough foul mouthed employer postings.  and as it is never my style to do things half way, MY lay-off came out of the blue at 8:40 on a monday morning with exactly no notice and $200 in compensation.

(in fairness, we do understand this is how today's professional firms operate when they hire professionals with a mortgage and over two decade's experience.)

so i am very sorry to be away so long but:  WE ARE BACK BITCHES AND MORE BITTER THAN EVER!!

also, here is an employment ad i found with some awkward looking actors posing in a bare room with a beige area rug and a white radiator.  i'm pretty sure that one dude is wearing a 'shirkette' and that no one is getting a fucking bonus.

CNE - Chi